Your Favourite Restaurant Kits Delivered To Your Door

Your Favourite Restaurant Kits Delivered To Your Door

You can now order your favourite restaurant meal kits through Plateaway and get them delivered to your door in just a few days!

Coming directly from the restaurants, you can order your favourite meals including Italian, Middle Eastern and Japanese and get all the fresh ingredients and instructions to make them from home.

Starting from just £11, you can browse through the wide range of restaurant kits that we offer and get them delivered straight to your door!

How it works

Choose your kit

Choose a restaurant and order your favourite meal kits with just a couple of clicks.

Receive your kit

We will deliver your chosen meal kit straight to your door, fresh and ready to prepare.

Plate your kit

Watch our simple step by step video instructions on how to make & plate your kit.

Restaurants & Partners

Meal Kits

What Are Restaurant Kits?

Restaurant kits are a new and popular way to enjoy quality restaurant food in your very own home. Plateaway works with over 25 well-known high street restaurants and brands who have put all their ingredients and cooking instructions into one nice big box, just for you.

You can receive the restaurant kit in the post, follow the step-by-step instructions and voila! You have a perfect restaurant-quality meal to enjoy and the fun of preparing it too!

How Do Restaurant Kits Work?

Once you have ordered your restaurant kit from Plateaway, you will receive all the fresh ingredients and instructions in one nice big box. You can follow the step-by-step instructions provided and use the video guides on the Plateaway website and prepare your delicious meal with your friends and family.

You will receive all the fresh ingredients including meat, fish or vegan options, the sides to go with it, sauces and any extra tools that you need like chopsticks or sushi rolling mats. Everything you need is in that nice little box.

What Restaurant Kits Are Available From Plateaway? 

Middle Eastern





Poke Bowls





And many, many more!


Do I Cook The Food Myself?

Yes, a restaurant kit comes with all the raw ingredients so that you can cook the food from fresh and in the comfort of your own kitchen.

There is no food that is already cooked, you will be required to grill the burgers, warm up the cookie dough and boil the pasta.

Customers talk about using ingredients that they have never experienced before – and the enjoyment of following the instructions and creating a masterpiece in their own home.


Can I Get a Restaurant Kit For My Staff? 

Yes, restaurant kits are popular gifts for members of staff. If you cannot have your regular team lunch or bonding activity due to Covid-19 restrictions, many people have opted to send restaurant kits to all their employees and then follow the instructions step-by-step together on Zoom.


Can I Get a Gift Voucher For Someone? 

Yes, Plateaway offers gift vouchers that you can send via email to your friend, colleague or special someone. Choose how much you want to send ranging from £30 to £75.


How Do I Order a Restaurant Kit From Plateaway?

Ordering online is simple. Choose the restaurant kit that you would like from well-known brands such as Patty&Bun or the Little Pasta Company – and all the ingredients will be sent to you a nice box in just a few days. Bon appetit!