Your Favourite Meal Kits Delivered To Your Door

Your Favourite Meal Kits Delivered To Your Door

Get a Vegan Meal Kits from one of your favourite high street restaurants with Plateaway! Get all the fresh ingredients and step-by-step instructions to create one of your favourite meals. Whether you prefer American, Italian, Asian or Middle Eastern cuisine, there is something for everybody and you can share the experience in your own kitchen with your friends and family. 

How it works

Choose your kit

Choose a restaurant and order your favourite meal kits with just a couple of clicks.

Receive your kit

We will deliver your chosen meal kit straight to your door, fresh and ready to prepare.

Plate your kit

Watch our simple step by step video instructions on how to make & plate your kit.

Restaurants & Partners

Meal Kits

What is a Recipe Box? 


A recipe box is a box with fresh ingredients and instructions to make one of your favourite meals. Plateaway works with some of the UK’s favourite restaurants and takeaways who provide their own personal recipe boxes so you can join in with the fun and cook the same meals that you love.


When ordering through Plateaway, we send you a full meal kit with everything you need. You’ll get the meat, chicken or vegan options, salads, bread, rice, sauces and equipment to make them too.


How Does a Recipe Box Work?


Restaurants today are finding new and innovative ways to share their brand and recipes – and as a customer you get to receive all the same ingredients and instructions to make your favourite restaurant dishes.


Choose a dish from our selection of over 25 companies that we work with. We will send you the full recipe box in the post, with all the ingredients and instructions and you can also use the video guides provided on our website.


Our customers love the experience of getting the ingredients and following the recipes, often using flavours and tastes that they have never experienced before. The perfect event for a night-in with family or friends or when you can’t go out.

What is Included in a Recipe Box? 

A meal box comes with all the ingredients and tools you need to make the perfect restaurant meal including:

Fresh meat (chicken, meat, vegan alternatives)



Sides – (bread, buns, chips, potatoes, salads, rice)

Tools (bowls, seaweed paper, hand rolling mats, chopsticks)

Step-by-step instructions

Dietary and allergy labels


What Types of Recipe Boxes Does Plateaway Offer? 

Middle Eastern





Poke Bowls





And many, many more!


Is the Food Already Cooked? 

No, when receiving a recipe box, you are getting a box of raw ingredients that you can cook and bring together to make a delicious meal.

The products are often vacuum packed to maximise freshness and we encourage you to use the ingredients as soon as you receive them for maximum taste. 


What Are Recipe Boxes Used For?

Recipe boxes have become a popular alternative to going out to restaurants, especially during Covid-19 restrictions. Customers also enjoy the experience of putting together an interesting recipe with their spouses or family members and it is a fun way to spend an evening.

For companies that cannot have team drinks, lunches or dinners, they can share an interesting drink that we offer or follow a recipe together step-by-step and get everyone involved using Zoom.


How Can I Order a Recipe Box Through Plateaway? 

You can order your favourite recipe box through Plateway completed online. Simply choose the right dish for you and you can check out using our secure website. We will send the recipe box straight to your door in just a matter of days, with fresh ingredients coming directly from the restaurant. 

We also offer gift vouchers if you would like to offer a recipe box to a loved one for their birthday or as a present – and we make bespoke boxes too for any large orders you may have!